About Us
Creating a superior wheel is no easy job. The wheel is arguably the most complicated part of the bicycle. Each individual component - hub, rim, spoke - must already be to the highest standard. From there, the engineering of the complete wheel can begin.

Our goal is to achieve a balance of strength and weight, and to do it better than anything else available. Dynamic Spoke Alignment, a technology developed by Cole®, provides a high tension wheel. The right materials and components are essential for a Cole® wheel to provide durability under this high tension. Swiss-made, cold-drawn butted spokes; high modulus compressed carbon fiber; cold-forged and precision machined hubs. These components are assembled to build a Cole® wheel by hand, one at a time. Cole® wheels feature proprietary and patented technology, the result of years of development and testing. Now raced in the UCI ProTour, Cole® offers some of the highest technology available in a bicycle wheel. Cole®'s patented DSA® hub allows for a higher spoke tension. This translates to better power transfer, as less energy is lost in the flex of spokes. More rigid wheels offer crisper acceleration and improved tracking through corners.

DSA®'s cylindrical nipples distribute the spoke tension and road vibration into a larger area of the reinforced hub flange, resulting in a longer hub life. Straight-pull, butted spokes eliminate the stress and breakage of traditional jbend spokes.

Perfect alignment Cylindrical nipples allow for perfect alignment of the spoke, making for easier assembly and maintenance, and allowing for the high-tension spoke lacing that results in a superior wheel.
About Us